Is This A Dream?

So I woke up at about 4:30 AM, and unable to go back to sleep, I went online to see what was going on in world around me. I went to Goodreads to see if anyone had reviewed  the book and ran smack into the latest status update posted by a book reviewer at Literati, one of my favorite romance blogs. The status update was about MY book and this is what it said:

Literati Book Reviews’s Reviews > The Law of Attraction > Status Update
Literati Book Reviews
Literati Book Reviews is 69% done
Wow,the humor written so smart and genuine. But then I got to the sexy sexy naughtiness, and I think my eyes may have crossed. I know my toes curled. Holy Hell

My first thought, of course, was “I’m dreaming right?” My second thought was “what did I eat before I went to bed because I really need to eat that again.”  My third was “you know, I feel pretty awake. I think maybe this is real.”


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