It’s Always A Little Scary The First Time …

My book is going to be released on Tuesday. I’ll admit it, I’m very nervous. I was nervous the first time another person read it. When I released it to my beta readers I kept thinking “what if they hate it?” That didn’t happen though. When I released it for the first time to a reviewer I thought “what if she thinks I should go back to being a lawyer?” That didn’t happen either. Now, what I keep thinking is, “what if nobody buys it?” or even worse, “what if it’s one of those good books that people would buy but they don’t know about?” That’s the one that’s driving me nuts.

I’ve been doing everything I can think of to try to let people know about my book and give them access to it. I’m going to price below what people tell me it’s worth and I’m going to run it for only .99 on opening day. I’m trying to share the opinions of people who read it and loved it. Actually, pretty much everyone who has actually read it so far has loved it, although one woman in the Philippines – who I have never heard of – only gave it three stars. (I guess she’s psychic and I’m not big in the Philippines.) I’m annoying the hell out of the poor girl planning my release party. I’m annoying the hell out of the people planning my book blog tour. I’m annoying the hell out of my husband because I’ve given away half of our bank account in drawings. I’m getting ready to start giving away my furniture to get more people to follow my Facebook page. I don’t know what else I can do! Please let somebody buy it!!!!!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “It’s Always A Little Scary The First Time …

    • N. M. Silber says:

      Wow! Thanks so much for that! I really appreciate it! Do you know, by the way, that you are officially the first person to comment on this blog? This is a big moment for me! I got a comment! Does everyone see this? Someone commented! And it was nice too!

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