Lots of Exciting News

Jodi Murphy at Butterflies, Books & Dreams put together an amazing promo for TLoA that includes an excerpt, 3 complete reviews, blurb, buy links, author links, author bio, and graphics! About twelve blogs will be sharing it!!!! (Thanks Jodi!) Book Nerd is doing a 24 hour spotlight of TLoA on September 19th! (Thanks Meagan and Tara!) 50 Shades of Gabriel’s Crossfire Unscripted Destiny Book Club nominated me for something on Korner Café Xposed: (Thanks Lori!) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fb… I’m sharing a table with talented author Taryn Plendl, who penned the Philadelphia series, at an author event in South Carolina in Feb. 2014: http://on.fb.me/1aGhVAs My book trailer for The Home Court Advantage is going to have live footage and voice over!!!! Just like a movie trailer! I’m considering selling my Brazilian publishing rights to a publishing house there so there may be a Portuguese translation of The Law of Attraction coming! And finally, I’m having a joint birthday celebration and cover reveal party for The Home Court Advantage on Facebook on October 11th!

2 thoughts on “Lots of Exciting News

  1. N. M. Silber says:

    No! It’s not really a tour, though. It’s just a one-day book blast. You are ABSOLUTELY welcome to be in on it though!!!! (Thanks!) If you would like the HTML code for the posting that Jodi Murphy put together just e-mail me at nmsilberesq@gmail.com and thanks again! Could you please also send me your blog link so I can be sure that I’ve liked and followed you?

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