2013 Books in Review

The one thing, arguably, scarier than putting out your first book, is putting out your second book when your first book did really well. Every honor that my books receive is significant to me, but this one is particularly special because when The Home Court Advantage came out, I was worried people wouldn’t like it as much as The Law of Attraction. HCA didn’t have as many one-liners. It included some old-fashioned romantic moments some might consider corny and a WHOLE LOT of hot sex some might consider excessive. The ending was a tribute to one of my all-time favorite authors, Agatha Christie, and I knew some people would think it was weird. Some reviewers, in fact, DIDN’T like it as much as the first book. Thankfully, when they said so, most did it very nicely, BUT, I was biting my nails for a while. Proving, once again, that everyone’s taste is different, however, other reviews came in with 5 Stars and with reviewers loving it. Some even liked it BETTER than the first book! So, get to the point, Nadine … Literati Book Reviews did a 2013 Books in Review list and one of the books listed was my sweet second baby, The Home Court Advantage. Thanks VERY much for that! MWAH!!!

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