Indies – consider starting your own publishing company

I home school my two sons who are on the autism spectrum.  I actually began writing at night because I needed to unwind.  I knew I would need to have some support or I might not make it, but just because I know my own personality, I felt that being an indie would be the best choice for me.  So – I read what I could find about it.  One of the best sources of information I saw was in an eBook put out by the Indie Voice called The Naked Truth about Self-Publishing.  Another author explained how her publishing company worked.  I also saw this cheapie little eBook called How to be a Professional Author (or something like that). The guy writing sounded like he was hiding from somebody. LOL.  He was all about fictional identities! BUT amazingly, there was some useful info in.  It’s very easy to start a business but are several types you can start. Each have benefits and requirements.  I started with the very easiest – the sole proprietorship.  All I had to do was apply for an EIN number from the IRS website.  It was free and took 10 minutes.  Then I looked up the requirement for registering a fictitious name in my state.  If you just use your own name, you don’t have to do it but I called my business Mendelssohn Levy Publishing so I did.  I filled out a form and paid $70.  I had a business.  Then I went to the bank and set up a business account.  I also went to Go Daddy and bought a domain name for $10 I think or something like that.  I’ll link my website below.  I will pay a lower tax on my royalties because they are business proceeds.  If I want to create a business plan (that book I mentioned tells you how) I can even apply for a business loan.  When Kobo was talking about taking down indies temporarily during that censorship thing I didn’t have to worry because technically I’m a micro-press publisher. (I think! It never came to that, thank goodness.)  I subcontract everything – I pay for my editor just like any indie etc. but I still feel like I have a team.  My publicists are the gals at Literati author services.  They charge me $21 per hour but will work as many or as few hours per month as I want.  They don’t bill me for everything – not even close.  Karen there, has become like a sister to me. I talk to her every day and she gives me great advice.

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