Love and Justice

A lot of people have asked what my future writing plans are. As most know, I began my own publishing company, so I can pretty much do whatever I want. I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I’ve decided that I want to try to do things a little differently than they are usually done in the world romance fiction.

My Lawyers in Love series will have six books in total: The Law of Attraction and The Home Court Advantage, both about Gabrielle and Braden, which launched the series, Legal Briefs about Adam and Lily, coming April 22, Making Motions, a novella about Cam and Jess, coming summer 2014, Winning Appeal about Mark and Olivia coming fall 2014, Judicial Misconduct, about Jacob (who you meet in Legal Briefs) and his love interest, Rachel, coming Spring 2015, and finally, Power of Attorney, about Drew Pierce, (Braden’s little brother) and his love interest, likely also a novella, coming summer 2015. 

While I’m writing the last two books in the series, I’m also going to begin another project.  That project will be a serial featuring the couples who got together in the first four books, working together at a public interest law firm founded by Gab and Braden, called The Justice Project.  In each segment of the serial, one of my couples will work together on an interesting case.  For example, Gab and Braden may need to prove the innocence of someone and it will involve not only courtroom work, but a little investigation on the side.  

Because these are my stories and my characters, you can count on plenty of banter and plenty of steam, but the mystery element will also be there.  Frankly, I just love these characters so much, I don’t want to let them go. I want to keep writing them as long as people are still interested in reading about them.

So, for those who want to keep hearing about what eventually happens to Gab and Braden, Jess and Cam, Adam and Lily & Mark and Olivia, stay tuned for the Love and Justice Serial coming early 2015!

4 thoughts on “Love and Justice

  1. Stacy Sanders says:

    I am very excited to hear this wonderful news. I always feel like some greatness is over when a series ends. Glad we get to keep reading about your dear characters.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Can’t wait for Adam and Lily’s story.
    Will they all be full length stories or Novellas? Crossing fingers for full length.

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