The Price of Success or I’m Going Garbo

Yesterday something weird happened, an author who I have never heard of, wrote me and informed me that someone had warned her I was making fun of her hair color and calling her a freak. Huh? Does that SOUND like something I would do? Anyway, this person is someone who she doesn’t know and I have no idea why they picked her or me. Luckily, this author didn’t believe her and she and I are now friends. It taught me a lesson though. As an author becomes better known, more people try to sabotage them. Another thing I learned recently, is that when you have to let someone go, you shouldn’t expect professionalism. SO … I’m going to be changing how I interact. I’m going to be using my blog and my mailing list more. My assistant, Elena, will still be active on my behalf across social media platforms. I will also still be active in my Jury, where I go to discuss my writing and connect with readers who I know really enjoy my work. Other than my mailing list, my blog and The Jury, I will just be focusing on my writing. The best way to avoid silly high school drama is to not be around where it’s happening.

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