Still a bargain

I raised the price of the boxed set to $4.99. It’s normally $6.99, but I had it on sale for $2.99. People have been telling me that I sell myself short and that I don’t realize that my books are as good as those of some more famous authors. My books are my own, so I don’t compare my work to theirs, but I do understand what they’re saying. If those authors can charge $7.99 for one of books, I devalue my work if I charge $2.99 for TWO of mine. So, even if it means I sell less and I don’t make the best seller lists anymore, I don’t care. I should price my books according to how good people tell me they are – not how many people buy them. Time to reclaim some dignity. LOL I hope everyone understands and doesn’t see it as being greedy. I’ll probably wind up making LESS money, so I’m trying to cut my costs as much as possible.

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