I gotta be me

My books straddle more than one genre. I write funny, erotic, romantic stories with some mystery.  I sometimes get compared to other authors, but the fact is, my books are unique. Nobody does exactly what I do, how I do it. I’m not saying my books are better. I’m just saying that they’re mine. 

So, lately I’ve had some people tell me, Nadine, if you just took out that one element, you could be the next so and so. The thing is, I like that element. I like my books because I enjoy writing them and a lot people enjoy reading them. If I took that piece out, I might be the next so and so – but I wouldn’t be me anymore. I like being me. I wish my ass were a little smaller, but I’m fun at parties.

So – If you want to laugh, blush, swoon and figure who done it – you know where to look.  Hint: Don’t check the New York Times or USA Today. Just sayin’.

3 thoughts on “I gotta be me

  1. Gracie's Mum says:

    OMG Nadine I stumbled across Legal Briefs three days ago & am so glad I did! I have smiled & giggled & outright laughed at the most inappropriate times & gotten some very strange looks in the lunch room at work & coffee shops on my day off & even the Hospital foyer while waiting to be admitted yesterday!
    If I didn’t have to eat, sleep, work, & be committed to life I would have finished Adam & Lily’s story in one hit. Thank you for your wonderful sense of humour and dialogue between Lily and Adam without the misunderstandings…….having just read your bio I love your Public Service Announcement & just have to say, “bloody good on you – you’d make a fabulous honorary Aussie with an attitude like that.”
    I’ve just downloaded your other books and am devastated that there are ONLY two for me to read this week…..I shall eagerly await September and November.
    So glad for Amazon’s recommended reads at the end of each book on my Kindle👏.

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