Monica and Chandler and Mark and Beth

I saw this today and it made me smile a big happy smile, even before my first dose of caffeine. (The line at the clinic/Dunkin’ Donuts was long.) I loved Monica and Chandler. They are the kind of couple I would like to read about, and thus, they are the kind of couple I write. Were they less, funny, sexy, interesting, or entertaining just because they genuinely loved each other and treated each other well? I don’t think so.

Chandler may have once unintentionally hit some of Monica’s weight issue buttons, but he never emotionally abused her. They may have hidden their relationship at first (in a hilarious and romantic way) but there was no cheating or malicious deception between them or surrounding their story. A couple can be emotionally well-grounded, mature and respectful and still be funny, sexy and interesting.

My books are always full of “odes” to my favorite pop culture and literary icons and many readers have told me they enjoy searching for them. I’m going to make this one very easy. Winning Appeal is coming out in September and in some ways, (not derivative or plagiaristic ones LOL) Mark and Beth’s relationship is an ode to Monica and Chandler. 

Here’s the tally: Gabrielle and Braden – an ode to Lucy and Ricky, Adam and Lily – an ode to Ralph and Alice, Beth and Mark – an ode to Monica and Chandler. 😉

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