Short Scene from Winning Appeal (Mark and Beth)

So you don’t think I’ve forgotten Mark and Beth, here’s a short scene from Winning Appeal (probably still coming out in Sept. LOL) 

Tuesday, I was in the law library again. This time I was helping Bruce. He had gotten a couple of new computers and we were setting them up. 
“The black wire doesn’t fit anywhere,” Bruce said from under the desk next me.
“According to the diagram, it’s supposed to plug in the back under the hole for the printer cable, but I can’t get it in,” I told him. I was down on my hands and knees trying in vain to insert part J into part K.
“I have to run to the little law librarian’s room. I’ll help you in a second,” he said getting up and leaving. A couple of minutes later, I heard the door open and figured Bruce was back.
“I think if you put it in from behind it will fit.”
“I’m sure we could make it fit lots of ways,” Mark said. “But from behind works for me.” I sat up quickly and slammed my head on the desk.
“Are you okay?” he asked, coming over and dropping down next to me. 
“I’m fine. Come over here and help me plug this wire in.” I showed him the wire and where it was supposed to go. He crawled under the desk next to me and did his best to get it in while I tried to concentrate even though I was becoming highly distracted by the smell of guy soap, aftershave and delicious Markness in the close quarters. 
“Here, hold the wire up this way while I try to get it in the port,” he instructed. I grabbed on like he showed me and tried to help. After another minute of struggling I got impatient. 
“Push harder,” I told him.
“If I push harder I might damage it.”
“If you don’t push hard you’ll never get it in the hole. It’s a really tight fit.”
“You’re pulling on it too hard,” he admonished.
“I’m sorry, I’m just trying to help you get it in.”
“Wait, I think …” he grunted
“Yes! It’s in! Thank you!”
“What are you doing with my sister?” Braden’s voice boomed out suddenly. This time both of us sat up too quickly and banged our heads into the desk, momentarily stunning ourselves.
“I’m assuming that this is probably not what it sounds like,” Adam said from somewhere behind us. “But if it is, then for Christ’s sake, Mark, be a gentleman and give it to her however she wants it.”
“What’s going on now?” I heard Evelyn say.
“Beth and Mark are on the floor together again and she wants him to push harder but he’s afraid he might damage her hole,” Adam answered. Both of us crawled out quickly and stood up.
“I see,” Evelyn replied. “Anybody want coffee?”
“I was helping her set up a computer!” Mark explained quickly.
“He was! That’s all,” I confirmed.
“Sorry.” Braden laughed. “It sounded … well, you know what it sounded like.”
Mark and I both breathed a sigh of relief. Even though I hadn’t given up on the idea, it sunk in then, that if we were ever going to get together, we really would have to be discreet.

3 thoughts on “Short Scene from Winning Appeal (Mark and Beth)

  1. Delia Binder says:

    I really like the rewrite on this scene – it’s still funny, but less slapsticky than originally.

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