From Power of Attorney

I was walking through my office Friday afternoon with Rachel when I heard him.
“Ms. Roth, I need to speak with you.” I slowed down and sighed. He was with Mr. Goldman and they caught up in less than two seconds – damned long legs. I stopped walking and turned to face him.
“Yes, Mr. Sachs.” He just stood there looking at me with a smile playing at the corners of his lips. Have I mentioned that they were really nice lips? Stop looking at the lips, Abby. Why wasn’t he saying anything? “Yes!” I repeated.
“Sorry – I like hearing you say that.” I saw Mr. Goldman put a fist to his mouth and look away. Yeah, I’d like to put a fist to his mouth too. You know, I can’t ever remember having actually sneered before I met Mr. Sachs.
“Is there something you want?” I caught myself. “That I might be willing to give you.”
“It’s Friday.”
“And they say he’s just a pretty face,” I said to Rachel sarcastically. It was her turn to try not to laugh.
“People who are dating tend to spend Friday nights together, genius.”
“Mr. Sachs, are you asking me out on a date?” I inquired in a voice loud enough to be heard all over the building.
“I figured you could use one,” he answered even louder.

3 thoughts on “From Power of Attorney

  1. Delia Binder says:

    I hope she turns him down flat, honestly – makes him grovel for it, after a pig comment like that!

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