And in the news …

Until I have a bigger list of recipients for my newsletter, (sign up on my website –, I’ll just update you here and there, and share it everywhere. 🙂

The Philly signing was so great I have decided to try to get to a few more after all. I’ve been hesitant because It’s hard to be away from my sons who are on the autism spectrum, but I’m going to try to bring them with me as often as possible since we homeschool anyway. Thus, I will be attending Penned Con in St. Louis in September. (I’ll also be attending Philly Author Fest in November, likely Wicked Book Weekend in February, the Capital City Author Event in D.C. in March, and the Harrisburg author event in July 2015.).

I’ve been using “working covers” on Goodreads and in other places prior to publishing my newest books. I actually like the one to Legally Wed so much that I’m keeping it, but I’m having the others designed by the very talented Ashley at Redbird Designs, who did the cover for Legal Briefs. The mock-up cover for Power of Attorney is …. wow. Just wow. I already have some blurbs from other authors and some review quotes from bloggers, about the series, but, if you have a quote about my books that I might be able to use on a front or back cover, or on a “praise for” page, I welcome you to share it with me and I thank you in advance. I’m not a person who waits until the last second for a cover reveal, so I’m probably going release the official covers well in advance of publication.

My agents negotiated an international publishing deal for me that I’m very happy about – details to come soon. Why do you care about that one? Well, if you are in another country, and English is not your first language, you may be able to buy my funny dirty books in your first language in bookstores there soon. I was going to do an audio book, but I’ve decided against it until I find a reader who I really like and that might take a while. I’m picky about about that stuff. Trust me, it’s better to wait for someone who doesn’t sound cheesy.

Legally Wed is coming out on the 24th without a whole lot of fanfare so I hope you’ll keep it in mind that day. If I can get it uploaded a day early I will. My friends, Daisy Prescott and Penny Reid both have books coming out soon – Missionary Position on June 10th and Neanderthal Marries Human on June 24th. Those two women rock – they are both very talented writers. Totally worth a One Click. Tell others!

Thanks again to the Rock Stars of Romance for the terrific profile of my books this weekend and to the SubClub for having shared Chapter One of legally Wed.

Thank you everyone and have a good night! Day. Whatever.

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