Nadine – The More Comprehensive Profile

Since I’ve made so many new friends lately who don’t actually know me, I’ve decided to create a more comprehensive profile for myself.

Name: Nadine M. Silber  (Known A/K/A’s N.M. Silber, Juana Camino de Sanchez, Candy Apple Kugel, Abdul bin Ishmael, Aashritha Venkatanarasimha, The Long Island Flasher)

Sex: Only if you buy me dinner

Age: Somewhere in between twenty-nine and incontinence


Secondary Education: Kicked out of a fine prep school

College: Dropped out of an Ivy League University (Go Quakers!)

Graduate: Juris Doctor cum laude


Present: Author of Funny Smut

Past: Lawyer

Religion: Dorothy Parker, Neiman Marcus and Judaism

Politics: Tolerant of just about everything

Too Much Information Section:

Favorite erogenous zone: the brain

Turn ons: snarky banter, men who can name at least three novels written by Kurt Vonnegut, Velcro

Turn offs: People who take themselves too seriously, people who say “nucular,” people who want to save my soul, bad sushi

Favorite books: Well-written ones

Skills: Capable of telling you whether any celebrity is Jewish or not


One thought on “Nadine – The More Comprehensive Profile

  1. Cindy R. says:

    That’s an expensive, well-made dinner and a very upscale restaurant!!!
    Taco Bell just doesn’t cut it when he’s springing for a date!!!

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