Important Message from Nadine

Hi Everyone!

First and foremost, if you have not heard yet, I have decided to respond to input from readers who have said they like books written with alternating Point of View best. (Books written from the perspective of BOTH the male and female main characters, rather than just one or the other.) I took a look at Winning Appeal, and agreed that it could only get even better by adding in Mark’s POV. To do that, though, I need to (briefly) delay the release until November. I hope that you won’t mind too much. It will be worth it!

Secondly, I am very busily working on a few projects. Because I need to go to my Writing Cave for a while, I need to make sure that I don’t spend too much time on social media. I just love interacting with readers so much that it distracts me from writing! So, to make sure everyone can stay up-to-date with Lawyers in Love news, my PA will be posting regularly on my author page, as well as Tweeting. You can also sign up for my newsletter on my website. I’ll be putting it out 2x per month, and I’ll include exclusive teasers and excerpts, along with news about what’s coming up – sales, releases, author appearances etc.

Unfortunately, one thing I won’t be discussing quite as much in the future, is projects that I’m working on. I need to wait a little longer to share some of that exciting news going forward, but that will make it a wonderful surprise! I promise that I’ll let you know what’s in the works as soon as I can.

So – look to my Facebook author page for updates: And to sign up for my newsletter, or if you need to contact me about anything, check out my website:

Finally, as always, thank you so much for your continued support. I appreciate it and all of you! Mwah!

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