Five Things you might not have known about Lawyers in Love

#1 The Law of Attraction started out as a legal thriller! It’s true! Although I’m a big fan of Romantic Comedy, and comedy and romance in general, my first love through the years has always been mysteries and thrillers. So, when I started writing, that’s what I figured I would write. When I drew on the memories of my own experiences as a public defender, though, I kept remembering all the jokes we used to crack to stay sane in the trenches. I also remembered how adrenaline, the heat of “battle” and high pressure situations could lead to all kinds of urges. 😉 Before I knew it, The Law of Attraction was a sexy Romantic Comedy.

#2 I always work in “tributes.” The mentions of I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, Agatha Christie, Scooby Doo, Nancy Drew, Anais Nin and Henry Miller … they aren’t coincidental. They are just the most obvious examples of my nod to the writers and actors of the past who I have really loved. There are also more subtle tributes worked in throughout my books. Have you recognized them?

#3 I love ALL of my characters, and they feel like real friends to me, but Adam is my favorite, and Lily is the character most closely based on me; although she’s NOT me. 😉

#4) Some advisors told me my characters were “too Jewish” for middle America, and I should not stress cultural identification. I told them that I had often wished that someone would write a book with “my stuff” in it, (Hanukkah, the Chuppah at a wedding etc.), and this was my chance to write one. Being Jewish is part of who I am, and it’s a part that I love, so I made it a part of some of my characters too. My books don’t have any religious message or content. It’s Jewishness that’s portrayed in them, versus Judaism, and I’m happy to say that it seems that those advisors were wrong. If anything, I get comments and questions from people who liked reading about something different for them.

#5) Bruno was originally a Basset Hound. I pictured the most unlikely guard dog I could think of, and that’s what came to mind. But then, when I thought about it more, I imagined a dog with the heart of a guard dog, but maybe not the size to go with it. I like that Bruno doesn’t realize that he’s not a killer. He doesn’t let the size of his teeth dictate the size of his spirit.

3 thoughts on “Five Things you might not have known about Lawyers in Love

  1. Eileen Levitt says:

    I love the books because of their Jewishness. It’s so hard to find books that portray Jewish characters, let alone realistically and you did that. Not to mention the ones that acknowledge the characters as being Jewish, but have them acting like Gentiles.

  2. Delia Binder says:

    #4 – I love how explicitly Jewish many of your characters are, Nadine! 🙂 I’m surprised you’d be told to cut it out – part of the pleasure of reading is that you get a window into cultures you didn’t grow up in (as I didn’t, being a Midwestern Protestant and all).

    I’m really looking forward to seeing you branch into more overtly mystery/thriller territory with POWER OF ATTORNEY.

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