Presenting the Shiver cover and GIVEAWAY to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Several months ago, I talked to my friends, Penny Reid and Daisy Prescott, about how I would love to work on a project together. The three of us decided that we wanted to write together for the fun of it, and to raise money for a worthy cause. That’s how Shiver: Twelve Sexy Tales of Humor and Horror was born.

Over time, our group grew to include other authors who wrote Romantic Comedy, humorous Romance novels, and witty Women’s Fiction. We have had a wonderful time working together, and watching our efforts come to fruition.  The worthy cause we are supporting is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which does not turn sick children away merely because they lack funds for treatment. We hope that you’ll check out our funny and spicy Halloween tales on Oct.13th, and help us raise money for this incredible institution in the process.

I now present … drumroll …. The cover to Shiver!!!!! Yay! “cue confetti* GO CHECK OUT THE GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!


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