I’m giving you a FREE gift for the holidays!

I am writing a special holiday story, and I will give it away FREE to anyone who subscribes to my newsletter!!! Do you want to see the cover? Drumroll ….. Ta Da!
Go to my website to sign up. http://www.nmsilber.com/home.html While you’re there, you can play the Lawyers in Love Buzz Quiz, check out the book trailers, the soundtracks, the character portrait gallery … all kinds of fun things! In fact, if you sign up, you can even get ANOTHER story for free right now!

5 thoughts on “I’m giving you a FREE gift for the holidays!

    • MLP Author says:

      Did you follow the instructions? Everyone else who signed up got it. Send me your KINDLE address and add authornmsilber@gmail.com to your approved sender list on Amazon. You go to “My Account” and scroll down to “manage my content and devices” then go to the setting tab and at the bottom there’s a place to add email senders. Type in my email address there. You should see your Kindle address in that area as well. Message me at my author page https://www.facebook.com/NMSilber telling me 1) what name you signed up for the newsletter under so I can verify 2) Your Kindle address, and 3) confirm that you have added author.nmsilber@gmail.com to your approved sender list. It sounds like a lot, but its not. It’s very easy. Just go step by step.

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