Excerpt from Power of Attorney: The Novel, Coming Feb. 14, 2017

Just then the phone rang and Rosalie picked it up. “Jacob Sachs on line one!” she shrieked even though she was only ten feet away.

“What does he want now?” Dana asked, furrowing her brow.

“Not for you, for Abby!”

All of them looked at me expectantly. I stood there for a moment feeling a little stunned, but I don’t know if it was more that Sachs wanted to talk to me or that Rosalie knew that the phone had more than one line.

“I’ll take it in my office,” I said, trying to sound casual. I succeeded if you think that speaking in tones that only dogs can hear sounds casual. I vaulted to my office and closed the door, diving into my chair and waiting ten seconds to get myself together before picking up the phone. “Abby Roth.”

“Ah, Ms. Roth.” That familiar deep rich voice filled my ear. “It seems that we will be facing each other in court again soon.”

“We will?” I asked, mentally going through my cases and trying to figure out which one Sachs might be handling. Since he typically prosecuted organized crime figures, I was honestly at a loss.

“I had such an interesting time with Borelli matter, that I thought I might like to take on United States v. Agnes Fishbein.” My head hit my desk.

Pulling myself together, I sat up and took a deep breath. “Mr. Sachs, I was under the impression that a case involving an elderly woman charged with disorderly conduct would be beneath someone like you.”

“Someone like me?” he asked and I heard curiosity in his voice. I figured that buttering him up a little couldn’t hurt. This time, Agnes had mooned Councilman Jackson at the Liberty Bell, which made it a federal offense.

“You prosecuted one of the biggest mafia cases Philly has seen in a decade. You are toted as an up-and-coming legal superstar. They say that you’ll be the U.S. Attorney yourself someday.” I didn’t enjoy stroking his ego, but I would do what I had to do for my client.

“Do they now?” he asked. The curiosity was gone, replaced by a note of boredom.

The sudden change surprised me. It reminded me of the press conference when I blushed and he immediately lost interest. A light bulb went on in my head. He may be super confidant, but he’s not actually an egomaniac. It bores him when people fawn over him. He might give Agnes a decent deal if I kiss his ass, but he would likely give her a better one if I stood up and challenged him. That’s what he respects.

A smile crept across my lips and a little surge of warmth coursed from my tummy to parts south. The fact was that I liked challenging him. And if that was the way to best help my client, I was more than happy to oblige.


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