So Much FUN that it merits THREE exclamation points AND shouty caps!!!


ANNOUNCEMENT ONE: Lily and Adam Roth are expecting a baby! Because you KNOW these two will be the most hilariously loving parents around, the story must be told. I’m going to write Legal Issue, (Baby Roth’s story), as a companion novella, but also put Adam and Lily’s whole story, including Legal Briefs, Legally Wed, Legal-i-Tease and Legal Issue together in one boxed set/book. The Roths are just too funny, sexy and romantic not to have more stories.




ANNOUNCEMENT TWO:  There will be a brand new feature in my monthly newsletter starting in October… Ask Mark & Adam. You can ask them questions about anything. They are perfectly willing to expound upon just about any subject, and they are not shy. If you would like to ask them a question, e-mail it to and put “Ask Mark & Adam” in the subject line. They’ll select one to answer each month and everyone who submits a question will be entered into a drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card. The person whose question they actually choose to answer, will win a $25 Amazon gift card! BUT – the winner will only find out when she sees her question answered in the newsletter! How’s that for anticipation? (The winner of the $10 gift card will also be announced in the newsletter.) Trust me – it will be fun, but then, the newsletter is fun! Adam and Mark are are also fun. Naughty, but fun.

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