My new short for LOL 2

The theme of LOL Volume 2 is Cake! You can pre-order it here:  LOL Volume 2

My story, tentatively titled, Crime and Cake, is so much fun! It stars Matt Brenner, who you meet in Nightmare in Night Court, in the Shiver anthology, and a young, female public defender, named Sarah Weisman.

Sarah, reluctantly agrees to stand in for her roommate, a theater major, with a score of wacky jobs, jumping out of a cake as Marilyn Monroe at a party. Well, the party gets raided, (Birthday Boy is a Mafia capo), and she winds up having an interesting, and somewhat flirty, late night conversation with a handsome young prosecutor, who doesn’t realize who she really is. Down the road, Sarah winds up battling Matt’s best friend in court, and trying to hide the fact that she was his Marilyn. (Because she wants to be taken seriously as a lawyer.) Matt figures it out anyway, (bright boy), and woos her, finally convincing her that he’s interested in Sarah, and not just Marilyn. It’s funny, and romantic and hot! Here’s a little piece, (pun intended), of Crime and Cake from LOL Volume 2. (It takes place at the party that gets raided and Sarah is in the cake.)

Raid! The party was being raided! Fuck! I had to get out of there, but my legs were just starting to tingle with renewed circulation, and they were not going to support my effort to scale the side of a giant cake. I looked around frantically, and saw the microphone stand to my immediate left. Reaching out as far as I possibly could, I just barely managed to grab it, and pull it to me. Holding it firmly, while leaning against the side of the cake, I did the only I could do … I rowed.